Why I decided to have an Instagram detox

I am back! I’ve been off Instagram for 7 days. Yes I know, this might sound like not a long time for some but believe me, it was a loong time for me! So what have I learned and why did I take a break? This and other realizations right here, right now!



Why I wanted to take a break

I have to be honest, those 7 days of Insta Detox wasn’t planned at all! Everything started with a night out. I have danced my but off at the last party of my favorite club which was closing after 9 wonderful years. You must know, I live in Bern and even though Bern is the capital city of Switzerland, the club scene is very small, most mainstream and boring (for my personal taste though). I have loved this club because they’ve hosted so many great artists and it was a place for you to be yourself. I have tons of memories associated with this club and I will definitely miss it in future! And yes, I have definitely drunk too much that night. But no worries, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every second! Of course, I had a major hangover on the following Sunday and stayed in bed all day long.
But this hangover was somehow different. It felt like a new time has arrived. Because the club has closed its doors I felt like a chapter of my life has ended as well.

This sounds very dramatic but it really was a strange but also a good feeling. There are lots of things changing in my life lately. I am in my last months of being in my 20ies and I definitely feel that there’s a new chapter for me personally ahead. Somehow, my environment is changing as well and the closing of this club was a part of those changes.

The weekend felt like New Year’s Eve, to be honest. All those thoughts of what I wanted to change, what I wanted to try or experience and what I wanted to do with SHEELA CHRISTYN as well were beginning to change from thoughts to actual life plans.
Those plans would need some changes in my life and one of them definitely had to be a Detox from Instagram. I was too distracted, too stressed out with numbers and uploads and I lost myself in the game of comparison.


Life will give you what you wish for

I would never have made an Insta-Detox when I would have carried on with my daily routines on the following Monday. So life gave me a major flu. This, of course, is my point of view! To be sick is no joke and there’s nothing more important than to be healthy but this time it honestly helped me to stick to my plans. I have ignored Instagram completely and had lots of time to recover myself without being stressed about posting the next picture. After being off Instagram for 3 days I decided to carry this Detox on for at least a week. And it was amazing  but a little weird as well 😉


Plenty of time

One thing stood out enormous while ignoring Instagram: I had plenty of time! I had no thoughts about taking new pictures, I wasn’t scrolling through the feed every now and then and I wasn’t checking comments and likes all the time. It’s ridiculous how much time of my life goes to Instagram! I mean ok, I am definitely doing Social Media in a more professional way but still, it is so so much time.

It was so liberating to eat my foods without taking a picture beforehand, or just walk around the city without checking my upload time.  I drank without taking boomerangs, I made my smoothies without snapping every step of it and I had my Vanilla Soy Lattes just for myself.
Of course the thought of posting was always there but it was like meditating – accept the thought and let it go.


Flourishing creativity

Instagram is a place of inspiration. However, it was more a place of distraction for me lately. I lost my creativity because I was constantly comparing my Socials to others. I wasn’t comparing in a negative way, but it is really hard to oversee what others do.
I started Instagram with the intention to inspire others. I wanted to share my journey, my discoveries, my advice and lots of love. Unfortunately, I found myself more and more doing what “everybody else” was doing – chasing likes and followers, chasing collaborations, chasing “success”. It wasn’t about inspiring anymore, it was about doing what works and that really killed my initial intentions and my effortless love of doing social media.

After few days without Instagram, my creativity and motivation started to flourish again. Initial ideas came back, my motivation to create came back and the urge to inspire was back as well.
I decided to write everything down, to do a concept and hang it somewhere in my apartment so I will remember those ideas when losing them again.


New Content for the future

I am not going into details on the other benefits and experiences of the Instagram Detox because there will follow a blog post dedicated to this topic soon. But what I can say is that there will be lots of content coming in future for you guys and I truly hope that you’ll enjoy it!

There will be at least 2 Blogposts every week, Instagram Stories to watch, more lifestyle pictures on the feed and something else that I will keep secret just for a little while yet 😉

I am honestly so excited and can’t wait to share everything I have worked on with you guys! Till then, lots of love and big hugs,






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