The Importance Of Time With CLUSE

The older I get the faster time flies. I mean, we almost left the half of 2018 behind us – crazy no? It is true what our parents once preached, time goes by so fast the older you get. And this is why we should appreciate every little moment.



We often want time to pass by quick. Maybe we are waiting desperately for the weekend or we are looking forward to vacations or an event. All those other days between seem to be not as important. The little things, like having dinner, having a chat or just the time you get ready every morning – they are just as precious as every other moment as well! More than ever I have realized how granted I treat those “normal” moments and situations.

This September I will hit my 30ies and when I think back, I have spent so much time thinking about the future or the past instead of enjoying the present. That has to change immediately!



Since CLUSE has kindly sent me the beautiful Vendetta watch, time is always with me. It is definitely not the same seeing the time on your phone as seeing it on your arm where you can watch the seconds passing by. It made me think and it made me want to change my relationship with time.

I have made the decision to actively appreciate every minute, every hour, every second. When eating I will enjoy the food, when I want to chill I will chill consciously and when I spend time with a friend I won’t check my phone that much.

Life is too short and there are so many beautiful things to see and experience! Let’s take our time on earth seriously and create lots of memorable moments now, later and in future.









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