My dear loves, so I have decided to have a new beginning.
I want to escape my comfortable life and begin new adventures. I want to experience more, achieve new things and just try to be the best version of myself – starting now.



I was always a huge go-getter girl. I was (and still am) so convinced that everything is possible and achievable in life. I believe that this asset is still in me but with age comes comfort and as soon I have achieved a certain state of comfort 2 years ago I just stopped chasing dreams. I mean, it’s totally ok to just lay back sometimes in life and to just go with the flow. It’s ok in general! But I recently realized that even though I am super blessed with my life right now, that I am somehow bored and a little unhappy with this same-life-everyday kind of thing which is going on.

Thinking back, I always thought I would have a similar life like my Mom. Get married, have children and raise them, and then just… yeah, then what? I mean I am not married, I don’t have children (and I currently don’t plan to have any soon) and have the same kind of “yeah”, and what now? Just work? Go on vacation now and then, watch Netflix and maybe start a new hobby? I know, this sounds a little dramatic and I don’t judge my Mother at all (and everyone else who’s happy with a calm life) but I am a Virgo and I want more from life (sometimes too much).


I remember setting myself goals when I was young and imagining myself how I would be and what life I would live 10 years from then. I can luckily say that many things today are like I have imagined them back in the days but how about the next ten years? Honestly, I have no idea, no visions, no nothing. But one thing I know is that I don’t want to live the same life over and over again. There must be more, there will be more.

So as I have dreamed about my future life as a teenager I am going to dream again as an adult. How do I want to feel about myself in a few years? What do I do in a few years? Where and how do I live? In which direction will I go? Questions which make me excited if I think about positive possibilities. I mean, I have, I hope, more than 50 years to go in my life, so why not fill them with exciting things, amazing experiences, knowledge and all the other good stuff life has to offer?



Back in the days, I loved to do 3-5 year plans. They make every “impossible” goal achievable because you can break down big goals into small tasks and achieve them in little and very possible steps throughout the years. But since I don’t even know what I want to achieve I will start at the very beginning: dreaming and figuring out what it is I want to experience in future, how and where I want to live in future and how I want to feel about myself and my life in general in future.

I believe the best way to start this is to think about all the things we’re not that happy about at the moment. For me, one of those things definitely is my state of health and fitness. I mean I just eat crappy too often and I rarely do sports-activities which with the age (omg now I feel old saying that) gets a problem. Besides that, I am not taking enough care beauty-wise (like my skin – it’s super damaged because I am not really taking care of it, or my hair – it’s dry af and has bad hair days all the time) which triggers my confidence. Also, I really want to work on my mind and soul, meditate more so I can control feelings more, appreciate life more and just be happier in general. In terms of experiencing things in life I really want to meet more people, deepen my friendships, be more outgoing, learn new things and travel more.

So the first step will be to write down everything I am not quite happy about at the moment. While doing this, solutions for them mostly come right away which should be written down as well. It’s super important to take your time with this, it’s not done in a day! Grab some big pieces of paper and create a mind-map, a list, whatever suits you the best.

After creating this spread of ideas and things you want to change you should reread everything again. Add or remove things and specify all goals, solutions and ideas. If this is done, I plan to create a 5 years plan with it. What are the main goals which came through the mind-map / list? Set them as goals which will be achieved in 5 years (or in 3, depends on what’s realistic and comfortable for you). Now comes the planning part: which steps do you have to take this year, next year and in three years to achieve those big goals you have written down?




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