Meeting Britney Spears in Berlin | VLOG

A big childhood dream came true for me in this Vlog – I actually met Britney Spears in Berlin! Would I have told that to my younger self I probably would have gone crazy af. Still going crazy about it though! Berlin was as always beautiful, the experience was amazing and it will be for sure a trip which will never be forgotten.


I actually filmed this whole vlog with my phone, so don’t be mad for the quality even though I am pretty surprised how good it turned out;) I was invited by @britneyspearsfragrances to discover Britney’s new fragrance ‘My Prerogative’ and to watch her show at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin. Fun fact: before I knew about this opportunity I was literally singing Britney’s “hit me, baby, one more time” song every day! I honestly don’t know why I did that. It was so random and after I have received the invitation, also a little creepy, haha. But what can I say, seems like the law of attraction works!

Berlin has been super beautiful and exciting as always. I love the food there, the vibe and all those beautiful buildings you can find. If you would like to see where I have been eating during my stay, head to THIS blog post! Since my Mom has never been to Berlin, I have brought her with me and I believe she has enjoyed it very much as well. The hotel we were staying in was in Berlin Mitte, like literally in the center. This was amazing because we could be everywhere super easy and super fast. Above all the trip and the Britney experience was just amazing. Thank you @britneyspearsfragrances for the invitation and the beautiful memories!


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