l’Occitane Aqua Réotier Review

Recently I have been gifted the new Aqua Réotier range by l’Occitane and I have been using it daily for the past 4 weeks. This is my review.


During my first trip through Seoul, South Korea, I have discovered Essences and other watery skin care products and I totally fell in love with them! Here in Europe, most skin care products are quite thick and heavy and I always had the feeling that my skin couldn’t absorb it. It was hard to find products in Switzerland which were similar to the ones I have discovered in Seoul. That’s why I was more than excited to try the Aqua Réotier range by l’Occitane! I have never seen an Essence since I came back from Seoul and the moisturizer as well had a very watery consistency.


The Moisture Prep Essence

I have been loving the Moisture Prep Essence by l’Occitane so far. It is refreshing, moisturizing and smells clean and fresh. For my dry skin, this has been the perfect preparation for the following day or night cream. Especially after cleansing the face, the Essence prevents the skin from drying out. However, the Essence does not replace a day or night cream. It is an additional step to the skin care routine and an extra moisture boost. My skin can get very dry during the winter time but still tends to be oily on the t-zone. The Moisture Prep Essence has been perfect for those issues. My skin absorbed the Essence it very easily and I loved the boost of moisture.

Even though I have been using the Essence almost every day for the past 4 weeks it seems like the bottle is still quite full. You only need a tiny bit for one treatment, so this is a very positive side issue.

All in all, I do recommend the Moisture Prep Essence. I think that it will be even more pleasant to use it during summer. The light and refreshing formula will be amazing on warm days.

Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel

The Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel is as beautiful to apply as the Essence but I think that it will be more suitable for summer. Even though I love watery skin care products and gels, during cold winter days my skin needs richer creams. I love the cooling and refreshing effect it has but it was a too little protection for me. However, it is a good product and I will definitely try it again when summer has arrived. So far I couldn’t feel a difference on my skin using it but I think I would be doing a better review when using it in the summertime.

What I really appreciate is that the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel packaging is made out of glass. The lid unfortunately still is plastic but that’s way less plastic than other products have. Not that big of a deal but something I wanted to address because I think that this is something companies should consider more.



All in all the Aqua Réotier range is recommendable. It is definitely something for people who love watery and refreshing products. For dry skin, the essence can be added to the skin care routine and be used before the day or night cream. However, the consistency of the products is very light and even though they get absorbed very easily and give instant moisture, for some it might be to light. I have been using richer creams on top of it and this has worked very well for me.




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