It’s your prerogative to be whoever you want to be

Do you boo – easier said than done. Topics about to be who we truly are, are topics which always touch and fascinate me. Unfortunately, many of us still struggle so much to live our true nature even though it should be our prerogative.


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our true self

I was inspired to write this post due to the new fragrance by Britney Spears “Prerogative”. I find it powerful that she has launched a gender-neutral scent. “Created for the woman or man who defies inhibitions and societal limitations, this unique scent fuels the confidence and determination to be whoever you want to be.”
I was a huge Britney fan back in the days and I would lie if I would not commit that I have felt like a strong superwoman when I was performing her songs at playback shows. I wasn’t confident at all. Even today I am still struggling sometimes. But that feeling a person can give you to feel strong and beautiful – it’s truly powerful.
It’s not only about confidence when it comes to living your true self, but it also depends on so many things like the society you live in, family and friends.


A statement fragrance

Even though we live in the 20th century and we got the possibility to connect, to learn and to understand different cultures, orientations, beliefs and so on, sometimes I feel that we still have such a long way to go if it comes to acceptance. It truly makes me sad when reading comments on Articles or even on Facebook (I know, nobody should do that, it’s devastating) which are so much filled with hate, ignorance, and loss of respect.
I grew up in a world where Social Media didn’t exist. I don’t want to say that those topics didn’t exist back then but I honestly can’t imagine how hard it is to expose your true self in today’s society sometimes. I find it so extremely brave how some people stand up for themselves and their community and try to reach acceptance and recognition. It makes me so sad to know that so many people have to hide their true self, that they have to make things up just to appear “normal”. It’s wrong. And we should change that.

Because Britney got such a huge LGBT community it is so beautiful that her new fragrance isn’t beholden to societal gender constructs. The bottle and the scent appeals to all. Since knowing that story behind the product, I truly see this fragrance with different eyes. It feels somehow like a wearable statement. It feels like a scent which holds us together and which gives us power and spreads love.
This may sound corny but I believe that we more than ever need such meaningful creations in this world. There’s meaning in which we give meaning and this fragrance got a very powerful one.

A fragrance won’t change the world, but we who wear it can.


The scent

There could be no better season to talk about the fragrance “prerogative” as now when fall has arrived. The oriental and woody scent is perfect for the upcoming season. Pink pepper, red goji berries and apricot nectar at first, red calla lily, latex petals and espresso foam in the middle notes combined with a warm yet light base with santal, amber wood and saffron cream – the perfect mix.



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