How to use Black Friday the good way

Cheap prices mostly can’t be justified, we all should know that by now. On Black Fridays prices are crazy and there are many reasons to be against it. However, I believe there’s a ‘good way’ to use this SALE day. For all my broke girls, here are my tips on how to use Black Friday in a more sustainable way.




How I used Black Friday to build my Capsule Wardrobe

I know that Black Friday and sustainability in one word is a paradox. I absolutely agree. But since I have started to curate my capsule wardrobe in order to have a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe, last years Black Friday has helped me and my broke a** a lot! Here’s my explenation:

For years and years, I have bought cheap and low-quality fast fashion pieces. The more I could get for my money, the better. This definitely has changed and I prefer buying a high-quality piece, even better when it’s ethically made, which will last me for years and years to wear. Investing in pieces makes so much more sense even though it was very hard for me at first to spend my money on one piece when I could have ten pieces for it.
As I have made that decision, winter came up and most of my clothes in my wardrobe were either loosen up, broken or faded because of its bad quality (that is mostly the case with fast fashion pieces). I desperately needed warm winter clothes but haven’t had the money to buy them in the way I wanted to. Quality and ethical produced pieces have their justified price which I totally support, but with no money on the bank honey, it just wasn’t possible to do so! But then Black Friday came up and ‘saved’ me. I have chosen all my wanted pieces beforehand and bought my winter essentials on a bargain (it wasn’t really a bargain but at least a little cheaper so I could afford it).



Look for quality, ditch quantity

All the pieces I have bought on last years Black Friday are still in my winter wardrobe and they will last for several more seasons for sure. Essential pieces like coats, bags or shoes, which usually would be too expensive for you can be a good purchase during Black Friday. I do not support those crazy Sales where people buy tons of clothes which they won’t wear anyway. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
I am as well not sure how to think about Black Friday in general but it’s here and when you want to use it, use it wisely.

I am in no way a forerunner for ethical fashion. I absolutely believe it is the way we should go but at the same time, I do still shop occasionally in shops which aren’t that ethical. We are all on our own path for a more conscious life and my current way is to prefer ethical pieces and always favor quality over quantity.



Only purchase things you really need

Pieces which I would consider purchasing during Black Friday are mostly pieces which are a) classic and timeless, b) very good quality and c) materials which keep you warm.

Those can be coats which usually are super expensive when looking for a good one, shoes which keep you warm and save when streets are getting icy, a good quality everyday handbag which will fit all your belongings you need every day or for work etc.
Other things you could look out for on Black Fridays are things you need for your Hobbies which usually are too expensive for you. For me it’s cameras and camera lenses 😉

Never shop impulsively. Always think about your desires twice. It won’t help you nor the world when buying lots of stuff just because it’s cheap. You’ll only clutter your wardrobe with pieces you’ll never wear which will only stress you out and make you feel you need more because there’s nothing to wear. I’ve been there, believe me, a curated wardrobe or home even, is bringing me so much calmness, peace and so much more joy!





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