How To Have A Better Night Sleep

A good night sleep is not only boosting our energy level, it is so important for our health as well. When we sleep, our body is healing and our mind is processing and resting. A good sleep is so crucial and yet we all suffer from not having enough or not having a restful sleep. At least since I have started University my sleeping habits are a pure chaos. Night shifts, midday naps (which end up sleeping until dawn) and a busy mind have made it difficult for me to fall asleep, stay asleep, and to wake up well rested. I had to figure out some tricks and new habits to improve my sleeping habits and those which have worked I will share with you today!


Define your bedtime

First of all, you need to figure out how much sleep you actually need and plan those hours into your life. I definitely need my seven hours of sleep! To make sure to get those hours of sleep, I count back 7 hours from the time I have to stand up the next morning. So, if I have to get up at 8 am, I will go to bed by no later than 1 am. And because I have troubles with falling asleep, I will add 30 minutes to those 7 hours – so my bedtime is around 12pm. This seems like an obvious thing but believe me, it really helped me to get my hours of sleep in!

Train your mind to get tired

Because of all those artificial lights, technology, and late working shifts our mind gets confused about when to get tired and rest. I have noticed that especially when I was working as a waitress and bartender years ago – even though my body was exhausted, my mind was constantly awake and I had major sleeping problems. I bet lots of you have similar problems and luckily I got something that might help you: train your mind to get tired by introducing it to rituals.

Some ritual ideas which have worked for me:

  • Drink a relaxing tea before bedtime
  • Use a scent as a body oil or a candle before bedtime
  • Give your hands a 5-minute massage before bedtime

It is very important that you practice your ritual every time before you go to bed. After 2 weeks you will notice that your mind is calming down when practicing the ritual and you’ll get tired.


Fresh Air

I remember those times when my mother used to open all the windows when waking me up. I hated it! Today, I love to let the fresh morning air into my apartment but even more important is to aerate you bedroom before sleeping time.
When the nights aren’t too cold, I even leave my window open and let me tell you, my sleep has improved so much since doing this!


Move more during the day

This is quite obvious: you won’t be tired when you’re not somehow exhausted from the day! You can either go to the gym, do some yoga or go for a run or you can incorporate small habits in your everyday life which gives you more movement like always taking the stairs, go by foot more often, doing some squats while brushing your teeth etc.


Keep your bed clean and fresh

I definitely sleep better when my bed sheets are freshly washed and my bedroom is tidy and calm. Try to avoid too strongly scented detergents and the fewer chemicals, the better. Keep your bedroom clean and don’t keep too many things there. Your bedroom should be calm, light and fresh.¬†Also air your blanket and pillows regularly and clean your mattress now and then.


Treat your sleep as something sacred

I used to say that if there would be a possibility to get rid of the need for sleep, I would definitely be in! I had so many things I wanted to do, so many thoughts I wanted to process and so many night outs I wanted to attend but the need of sleep always got in my way. I treated the nightly rest as something we all, unfortunately, have to do. These thoughts aren’t helping when you’re in need of a good sleep!

I have started to appreciate my sleep since treating it like something sacred. Sleep is good for our body, our soul, and our health. Since consciously thinking that way I love to go to bed as soon it is bedtime and I fall asleep easier because a good rest is something I want to do for myself.






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