How a slow start into the week made me productive af.

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I last talked to you. I have been taking some time off online, almost the whole month of January to be specific and it was one of the best decisions so far this year! The reasons for this off-month are similar to the reasons of today’s topic. I will discuss this in another post because today is all about Mondays and why a slow start into the week has made me more productive than going all in on the first day of the week. Curious? Let’s talk about it!



I am addicted to topics which are all about being more productive and living your full potential. This is the reason why I have been trying so hard to organize my week on Sundays in 2018. I didn’t work for me. It absolutely did not work!
I felt like failing for the longest time until I realized that it won’t help me forcing myself to do something that’s somehow unnatural for me. Planning and organizing the week on Sundays sounds amazing and productive for me. But I had to be honest to myself, the only things I manage to do on Sundays are binge-watching Netflix, order some food and enjoying my time with my loved ones. I don’t believe in forcing yourself to do something which does not work for you. It is just making us unhappy and gives us the feeling of constantly failing.


Rethinking Mondays.

I was so conditioned by all those go-getter Youtube videos and success-books that I believed the only way to be productive is to be ready af on Mondays, getting as much done as possible and just slay from the minute on you wake up to the new week. Let me tell you, I really wanted this to happen in my life, but it just didn’t. I tried to wake up early on Mondays, it didn’t happen.  I tried to plan and organize my week on Sundays so I can be ready on Mondays. I mean, this is an amazing method, and it may be a great thing for some out there, but I had to realize that this just wasn’t for me. I am an “on Sunday I just enjoy Sunday” – kind of person. I know, I could change that. Everything is achievable. But honestly, I just don’t want to change that! It’s the one day of the week where my loved once are available, it’s the one day of the week where I want to watch movies, be social, order food and just do what I feel like doing. I believe that a day like that is needed in everyone’s life. If we wanna slay during the week, we need to recharge as well. Right?

To solve my dilemma of trying and failing on Mondays I needed to be honest with myself. I knew that I did not want to be productive on Sundays. I knew that I am not an early morning person. And I realized as well that I am a slow-start kind of person. I love to be productive and stuff, but like I need my silent coffee-time in the morning, I need a silent slow-start into Mondays –  the weeks morning.
I decided to dedicate my Monday to planning and organizing the following week. This was hard at first to be honest. I felt like being behind everybody. I felt like the whole world is slaying this week already while I am still planning and organizing. But this false belief changed very soon. I ended up being my most productive version ever.

Because I am giving myself enough time to organize and plan my week, my weeks are amazingly well structured. I have enough time to think about everything, to schedule everything, to give myself enough time for every task. My weeks seem less stressful but I get done much more than ever due to the detailed planning.
Setting goals are easier and seem to be more realistic because I am giving myself enough time every week to make plans to achieve them. It is like having a day every week dedicated to your life goals, planning and organizing every step towards them. It’s amazing! And all of that without pressure. A slow start into the new week is the best thing ever!


When you can’t take that time on Mondays.

I consciously take all my Mondays off. I do not schedule any meetings or work for that day. But I know that this isn’t possible for everybody. But honestly, it doesn’t matter on what day you are starting YOUR week! It’s your life, your rhythm and your decision. It’s like making new years resolutions: you can make new resolutions on every day of the year. It would be so stressful and unrealistic to only make resolutions for the first of January (which mostly will fail anyway).
Every day, even every second can be a new start, a new chapter. The best time to start something new ist now.


How my Mondays look like

Sharing is caring. That’s why I am sharing my usual Monday with you! I hope I can inspire or give you some ideas on how to be more productive and achieve your goals by sharing my Monday routine.

I usually get up around 8’ish o’clock. The first thing I do is to prepare myself a large cup of coffee and while sipping it, I am scrolling through my socials. I do not go through my eMails though. I am strictly avoiding that because I don’t want to end up working in my PJ’s directly after getting up in the morning!
After finishing up my coffee, I put on some music, take a shower and get ready. Completely ready! This is one of my go-to habits to maintain a productive day. By getting completely ready I avoid ending up on my sofa binge-watching Youtube or chilling around in general. Having all my clothes and makeup on as I would when working in an office, I am creating a work vibe for myself.

After getting ready I always go out first before starting my day. Too many times I ended up staying at home all day which isn’t good for the mood and health as well. I usually walk to my next grocery store, get my lunch ingredients and other stuff I need and then head back home. This little walk wakes me up completely and charges up my energy. And fresh air is always a good idea!

Back at home, feeling fresh and motivated, I directly start to plan and organize my week.

First I check my appointments for this week on my phones google calendar, then I grab my bullet journal and start planning and organizing my week. This usually takes around 2- 3 hours. I usually plan everything from Tuesday on. Smaller tasks which are easily done or don’t take that much time I plan to do on that Monday. I also do all eMails I have got so far on that day. After planning the week and the tasks for that Monday, I first have lunch. It symbolizes the end of planning and the start of doing for me.
After lunch, I get straight to my eMails. After that, I work on all the tasks I have planned for that day. I never plan too much for Mondays and end my workday usually around 6 pm.

My Monday evenings are reserved for readings, workouts, meal prepping, cleaning, laundry and beauty routines. This will help me start my week on Tuesdays fully ready and organized!



Of course, this method must not work for you. We are all different. By sharing my method for more productivity I as well wanted to show you that we all are different. Planning your week on Sundays may be the better method for you. Just don’t try to be or do something which is not working for you. Be honest to yourself and create your perfect way of life around your unique personality. As soon as you work according to your flow, everything gets easier.

I hope this post was helpful! Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

Lots of love,


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