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Made for urban nomads – Noumi Grill & Bar is a hotspot for lunches, dinners and after-work moments.
Let’s chat about the ambiance, the food, the pros and the cons.



I wanted to visit this place for ages but either was it fully booked or I, my fault – just forgot about it! But I finally made it to this relatively new restaurant in my hometown Bern, Switzerland.
The entrance already gives you the vibe of what you will experience: It’s very urban chic, very classy and ritzy at the same time. As we arrived at the entrance we were brought to our table (definitely book your spot beforehand!). We went in very late so we immediately ordered our food after receiving our drinks (the kitchen is open ’till 22:00 pm).

All in all, it was very welcoming. With our drinks, we’ve got some bread (which was warm, halleluja) with an amazingly tasty olive oil to dip into. The only thing that bothered me (and bothers me everywhere) is that there was a DJ playing. I mean, I know that some people think that’s fancy but c’mon, I am in a restaurant not in a club. Also, most “DJs” in Restaurants either play those standard loungy tracks or just mess it up with music choices or/and transitions (no offense tho’).





Restaurant Noumi is placed at the Bellevue Palace Hotel which is obviously very fancy.
I loved the open kitchen, the chairs, the assorted lamps, decor items, and just the overall interior situation. Our seats were very comfy and just the right height to the table (very important!).

Behind the Restaurant is a Bar as well. I did not have the chance to taste their Mixes, but it seemed like a good spot for easy after-work events or a meet-up with friends.
It’s definitely a classier place to eat, talk, enjoy and to treat yourself.



What we’ve ordered:
– grilled octopus with fennel, olives, and fries –
– fish and chips with tartar sauce and fries –
– crème brulée –

The food was definitely good. I loved that everything had its own tastes, textures, and twists. My lemon, for example, was grilled and it tasted amazing. Portions are just right – I was satisfied, not overfull but I could have eaten more, definitely.
Pricewise it’s more on the pricier side but, all their ingredients are very high quality and reconsidering that the prices are definitely ok.

Really outstanding was the dessert! Omg, this was probably the best crème brulée I’ve ever had – definitely a reason to visit Noumi! I am definitely coming back for this one.




Definitely a place to visit.
I can imagine myself going there for special occasions, for dinner with my girlfriends, a business lunch or just for the gram, lol.
It’s actually an amazing place to treat someone and yourself.




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