Himalayan PopUp Dining at Shangri La-We-De, Bern

When the summer season for the outdoor pools has ended, Ka-We-De Beizli is coming up with a PopUp Dining – this year with delicious Himalayan foods.

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After the successful Moroccan PopUp Dining last year, this years theme is all about Himalayan foods at the Ka-We-De Beizli in Bern. If you have visited the place this summer during the outdoor pool season, you will be surprised about how different it looks inside the restaurant right now. I felt like diving into another world, far away from Bern, in a Himalayan dream.



Diving into a Himalayan world



The interior was so on point and the staff was dressed up in Kimonos which looked amazing! Our dinner started on the terrace with a welcome drink and freshly made naan, topped with different herbs and garlic. With a big hunger, we went inside and looked at the menu. You can choose between a meat, a vegetarian and even a vegan course. You as well get to choose if you want to enjoy your dinner with a wine or a beer course which is matching with the menu. I decided to go with the vegetarian menu accompanied by the beer course.



The Menu


As an appetizer we got different Momos served with a herb sauce. There were ones filled with potatoes, ones with pumpkin and red cabbage. All of them were super delicious and I loved the new taste experiences I’ve got with those appetizers. The momos came with a local beer which matched the Momos perfectly.

For the main course, we got lots of different dishes. There was marinated paneer, a vegetable stew, pickles, a daal dish, rice, and a yogurt sauce. The staff recommended us to eat everything with our hands, but you can get chopsticks as well. Every dish on its own was amazing, mixed together it was even better. The main course came with a Tibetan beer which I loved a lot! It had a similar taste to a wheat beer but much more fruity and rich.

Between the dishes, we’ve also got some small treats like chai lattes and a calamansi drink.

The dessert was extremely special: sweet black rice with mint, saffron, and coconut. It was different, new and the perfect final for the dinner. With a full and happy stomach, we enjoyed an after dinner drink outside on the terrace. It was a mix of coconut milk, cinnamon, Vodka and other spices and it was the perfect second dessert and ending for this evening.



tibetan beer



Open for the coming 6 weeks


Shangri La-We-De was definitely an amazing dining experience! If you love food and want to dive into new tastes, combinations, and ambiances, a visit is definitely worth it!


Save your spot now before all the spots are fully booked here:




Thank you Shangri La-We-De for the amazing evening! It was a blast.


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