FEUIL – The Wallet for Minimalists

I have been using small wallets for a few years now. They are so much handier, they fit in every purse, in every jean and they hold only the essentials, not more. I used to store everything in my wallet: receipts, tickets, business cards and so on. My wallet seemed to burst every week – it was a struggle! The solution? The minimal wallet by FEUIL!



I love to support local people and their creations. This is the reason why I immediately agreed to create some content for FEUIL. FEUIL is a brand from Biel, Switzerland – my neighborhood somehow 😉

FEUIL creates minimal wallets. This was immediately interesting for me because I am in love with everything minimalistic! Their newer wallets are plant-based. The material is the same one as you can find on the labeling on LEVIS jeans – to be short, they are vegan.

FEUIL got different versions of their wallet design but all of them have in common that they only hold your essentials: cards, some banknotes and that’s it. You’ve got the possibility to add a coin holder if you wish so.





I believe that we all know the struggles of a wallet which constantly seems to burst. We put everything in it – mostly unnecessary stuff. I had this problem for years until my mother gave me an old wallet which she has found in the attic. It was a tiny wallet which only held my cards and some banknotes. Believe me when I say that this was a life-changing thing! Since this moment I have never considered again to own a bigger wallet. It is so handy to have a smaller one: you don’t necessarily need a bag to bring your wallet with you, you won’t have a mess ever again and you’ll find everything you need immediately.

Because FEUIL attracted males first, Sven, the owner of FEUIL has created some more feminine styles as well. I know that some girls of you might have second thoughts about a tiny wallet, but believe me, it is a relief and a blessing! You’ll never go back.


The Philosophy

I am supporting and loving FEUIL not only of its practicality. FEUIL got beautiful philosophies as well. Sven produces his wallets in Switzerland and every step of the production is considered to be ethical and as sustainable as possible. You won’t only have a practical and beautiful product, you’ll get some good karma as well with it.




Gold, Rosegold, and Silver

I am in love in the neutrally toned wallets by FEUIL. For the more fancy ones among you, there are some metallic options now as well. My fave is definitely the rose gold one because it fits my aesthetics the most.

Find your own and learn more about FEUIL:






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