Fall essentials: Camel Trench Coat and Leo Prints

This years fall has been so crazy so far! I can’t remember the last time it was so warm in October. However, I don’t mind and winter has yet to come! Animal prints are big this season, it’s everywhere!  Unconsciously I have bought such a trend-piece a few weeks ago and I have loved it so far. Paired with a camel trench coat I think it is one of my favorite looks for the current season.


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Favorite Season and life cycles

I have been saying that all the time and I will say it again: Fall is my absolute favorite season! I always get so excited for September and for the weather to cool down. I just love the vibe of autumn – cozy evenings, scented candles and flavored soy lattes. It’s just my thing!

Other than that I am the most productive when fall season has started. I always get so many ideas and projects I want to work on and somehow the moody vibe of fall just gives me so much energy to accomplish them. I pretty much have a yearly work cycle: During Fall I plan and start new things, during Winter I work on them, in Spring they come to life and during Summer I recharge.
This yearly cycle is one of my favorite things I have realized about myself and it is so helpful to plan out my year and to achieve my goals.

I believe we all should have a yearly cycle, and I believe as well that we naturally have one. We just need to listen to our self a little more and find out how we work and how we need to live personally.



Coat: Koton Top: Only Culottes: H&M Shoes: Zara


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