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When having a busy lifestyle it’s crucial to have a quick and easy morning routine which does not take a lot of time but still contains every aspect we need to have a great start into the day.


I love to watch morning routine videos on Youtube. But honestly, most of the days it’s just impossible to have those aesthetic, calming, self-loving morning routines! My days are busy and I need to get ready as fast as I can to accomplish everything I want to achieve on those days. I realized that I am no morning person and being stressed in the first hours of the day is causing so much damage to everything I want to accomplish later. To avoid that I have developed a morning routine which is easy, quick and suitable for every day.

To make sure that this morning routine is possible, preparations the night before are crucial! It’s easier to prepare things the night before than to do everything in the mornings – at least this is the reality in my case!

Every evening I clean up my apartment, I prepare my bag with all my necessities for the next day, charge all the devices I need, lay out my clothes I’ll wear and make sure that everything else is set up for a successful and calm morning.
Also: always check if you have everything for you’re morning coffee / tea 😉

hunkemöller morning routine

My quick and easy morning routine on Youtube:


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