Annemarie Börlind Compact Powder Review

For quite some time now I have been switching to more natural brands when it comes to beauty products. After finishing up the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation I wanted to have something light and without nasty chemicals. Because my skin is more on the oily side during summer, I decided to try out the compact powder by Annemarie Börlind.




The Brand

Annemarie Börlind is one of the leading brands of natural beauty products. All the ingredients are sourced under fair conditions and made as sustainable as possible. Everything I have read so far about the brand just amazed me! I love the fact that their products are causing less damage to our environment, are not irritating our skin and are good looking as well. The compact powder is the first product of this brand I have ever purchased.



The packaging

The packaging is beautifully made and has a slight touch of luxury. I love the fact that there’s a mirror inside and that it comes with a little applicator pad. Because the packaging closes quite secure, the pressed powder is ideal to bring with you to work or even for night outs.


The product

The powder feels very nice and light but you can still build it up by using more layers of it for more coverage. I would not apply the powder with the pad that is coming with the product, it is only suitable for touching up in my opinion. I prefer to apply the powder with a large brush for an even finish.

The finish of the powder is light, has a medium coverage and has a slightly glowy finish. Because it got tiny golden particles, the powder leaves your skin glowy without seeing the shimmer.

Unfortunately, there are only two shades – a light one and a tanned one. I have chosen the tanned one for myself. It is still a tiny bit too dark for me but as soon I will get the chance to sunbathe a little more this summer it will be ok I hope!

Other than that I have been very happy with the product. Especially because it’s natural, vegan and long-lasting.



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