A Visit At Fondazione Prada Milano

I love to visit museums and exhibitions while traveling. Sometimes you can find incredible art, sometimes it tells you more about the region than a thousand words. Either way, I believe that art is something very, very important. It forces us to think outside of the box and you can find so much inspiration for whatever you are doing or thinking.
While staying in Milano I have visited the Fondazione Prada, one of the more popular museums in the city. Here are some impressions of the exhibitions!



The Golden House

The Golden House hosts different exhibitions. Right now it is the “Haunted House” where you can find art which is a little more on the creepy side. My favorite installation was the lost heart on the top floor.


Fly painting by Damian Hirst

This was probably the most disturbing piece of art I have seen at Fondazione Prada. This big piece of painting was filled with dead flies! In front of the painting was an installation where the flies were born, could decide which box they wanted to live in and died the same death to become another piece of art by Damian Hirst. There are many thoughts behind this whole installation and it definitely challenged my brain and my emotions.


Synchro System by Carsten Möller

The most fun installation was the Synchro System by Carsten Möller. First I had to walk through a completely dark room and the only guidance was the wall. I definitely felt some claustrophobia to be honest! But the uncomfortable walk would be rewarded. Like in Alice in Wonderland I arrived in an upside-down mushroom world! It looked so crazy and beautiful at the same time. All the mushrooms were turning around and you definitely feel a little dizzy in this little fantasy world.









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