A sentence that will make you start achieving your dreams right now.

Are you familiar with the thought that you wanna start to work out as soon as spring seems to arrive and remember a few weeks later that you had the exact same thoughts every year but never achieved the goal you have set up? That’s the story of my (spring) life. Every time the weather starts to get warmer I am thinking about to work out so I can feel gorgeous in my bikinis. But when summer has arrived nothing really happened and I wished there would be quick fixes, which do not exist.



Don’t get me wrong, I am quite happy with myself. I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to tone it a little more. I also want to point out that I don’t believe in “beauty goals”, we all are beautiful in our own way, no matter the shape, no matter the fitness. Lately, there has been another reason why I want to work out – the health reason. I mean, I know that I feel way better the more I move but it is just so difficult to stay on track!

This post is not about working out or bikinis, but it is a very common example of what I want to talk about today. It’s not really a topic, it’s more a sentence which I have come across a few days ago and it inspired me so much, that I immediately wanted to share it with you! Unfortunately, I can’t recall the exact quote anymore, nor do I know who said it. But it sounded something like that:


“what is the one thing you really want to experience or achieve, that a year from now you will be so super duper happy and proud of yourself for starting it today?”


Oh woman, what a question! I mean, there are a thousand things that came to my head as I have read this sentence. And to come back to the little summer story above – imagine you would feel so healthy, fit and self-confident in summer, thanking yourself that you have started to work out a few months ago. Girl, I can clearly imagine what kind of awesome feeling this would be! But really it’s not about the summer, it’s about our desires, our goals, our purest wishes for our super short life on this beautiful earth. There are a thousand things I wanted to achieve, wanted to experience, but I haven’t because I have never started. Not all of them were like big goals, to be honest lots of those goals or desires were quite little things and if I think about it, as well relatively easy to achieve. But they need to be started, they need to be brought to life. I think this is the hardest, yet easiest thing on earth. Just get started! Somewhere, somehow.



I think that we all fear to fail. But failure is nothing permanent and nothing that is final. In fact, we do need failures to grow and to achieve things. Without failures, we all would do our life in the most obvious and most easy way – how boring! We need to embrace failures, it’s part of every process and most of all a big part of achieving our dreams.

When I was reading this one sentence I realized once more that I should not be afraid of failing. I should not be afraid at all because there will always be a way to achieve our dreams and desires somehow. Always! We just need to stay persistent and do little steps every day. And who knows, a year after we will be thankful that we have started today.


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  1. April 12, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    Your post is so empowering! Happy that I came across your blog too, not only Instagram

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