5 Tips to continue your morning workout routine for fall season

We all know that vicious circle: In Spring we plan to workout, in Summer we do crazy sports last minute and as soon as fall season has arrived we wear those big sweaters and skip sports completely so we can be stressed out in the coming Spring season again. Know what I am talking about? It’s the story of my life! It is so difficult to keep up with workout routines when days are getting cooler and darker, right?

I decided to stop this circle and started some new habits to make it as easy as possible for me to get my daily workout in. Because some of them have worked very well for me, I wanted to share with you my 5 best tips to stay fit during the fall and winter season. There’s nothing better than feeling fit and awake, so let’s start this.



1. Give yourself enough time for your morning routine

Also when it gets harder to wake up early during fall/winter, having enough time in the morning hours has so many benefits! You can calmly enjoy your coffee, get in some workout, scroll through your phone and eat breakfast. The best way to ensure that you get up at the right time is to think about which tasks you want to accomplish in the morning and then calculate how much time you need for each task. Count everything together and you’ll know when to set your alarm clock.

My example: I need at least 20 minutes for my coffee because I like to scroll through my phone at the same time. Then I plan 20 minutes for my workout, 10 minutes for my meditation, 1 hour to shower and get ready and an additional 15 minutes to clean up the morning mess at home. This means that I need at least 2.5 hours for my morning routine. When I need to be out of the house at 08:00, I will set my alarm to 5.30.
I love that method! For me, it is the best way to make sure that I can accomplish every task I want to get done during the morning hours.

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2. make everything ready the night before

This is a game-changer! Nothing is more stressful than to search everything together in the early morning hours. To avoid that I have started to make everything ready the night before. To ensure your morning workout, place your workout clothes right next to your bed! I started to wear it right after I stand up. Like that, I feel somehow put together already and there will be no excuse to skip sports!
It’s even easier when wearing a nice workout-set like the one I am wearing from the HKMX Collection by Hunkemöller. I honestly believe that feeling pretty in your workout gear motivates you even more to do the work!


3. drink enough water

Feeling tired and sluggish is not always because of the early morning hours, it may be as well of dehydration. Our body loses a lot of water while sleeping and it is so important to give some water back when awake again. Because of that, I have started to drink a big glass of warm water before anything else. It wakes me up, gives me that first energy boost and preps me perfectly for my morning workout.
Always carry a bottle of water with you, also after your morning routine!



4. choose a workout that suits you

Honestly, I am absolutely no workout person and I never was. I was one of those girls you would choose last when it came to building teams in sports class! But today realized that it’s not sports itself that I don’t like, there are just types of sports and workouts I don’t enjoy. Because of that, it is so important to choose workouts which suit your needs and are fun for you to do! For some this may be jogging in nature, for others it’s the gym. For me, small but intensive home-workouts work the best.
Find something that’s easy to incorporate into your daily life. I find my workouts on Youtube. Every week I collect some workouts so they are ready when I am ready.
In the end, it is not important what you do, it’s only important that you do something! If you can’t find the time to do a workout, walk more, take the stairs more or do some squats while brushing your teeth.


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5. take it easy

In the end, every workout effort should be for yourself, to feel great, strong and fit. Don’t be to hard on you when it doesn’t work out that well in the beginnings. You’ve got the chance to restart your goals every day! It takes some time to make a new habit to a routine, important is only that you try every day, no matter how messy and chaotic it may be.

Start small, build up slowly, have fun!



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