4 Habit Changes I Am Currently Working On

I will probably never stop to improve myself. I’m a Virgo so it is in my nature to aim for better and there’s definitely a positive and a negative side to it! However, I am currently working on 4 things I want to incorporate into my life because I feel it would be better for me, my health and my environment as well. Here are my 4 changes I am currently working on.



Doing one thing after another aka stop Multitasking

This is really hard for me but my multitasking got so out of control that I have to change this habit immediately! I was eating, talking and responding to comments on Instagram at the same time – this is ridiculous. There are multitaskings I find ok. Like listening to podcasts while doing my make up or cleaning the apartment. But when it comes to situations where I lose my mindfulness for important tasks or with people I love it has to stop. I am trying to eat without distracting my self with Youtube or Social Media, I am trying to keep my phone away while being with friends, and I am using the Pomodoro Method for my work to focus on one thing at the time.
The most difficult part of it is to not have the feeling of being unproductive or lazy when doing only one thing at the time because it is absolutely not the case.

So far this habit change is really hard for me and I forget to stop multitasking quite often. But I am trying!


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Taking my skincare routine seriously

I definitely have to realize it: I am getting older and so does my skin! I have started maintaining a skin care routine for quite some time now but I definitely have to improve and extend it. I am such a minimalist at the moment but I can clearly notice that my skin is feeling healthier and better the more I am taking care of it.


Spread more love

How fast do we forget to show our beloved once some appreciation and love? I definitely did forgot it a bit lately. But not only the love for others is important, I think even more important is the love for yourself. To make sure that I consider those aspects more in future I am going to start journaling again and start to express my feelings more towards the people and others around me.


Practice gratitude with meditation

I haven’t been meditating for a very long time. “I had no time” is what I would say if someone would ask me why, but that wasn’t the problem. It is never the problem! I just didn’t make time for it. It wasn’t my priority. I know how much better I have felt when I was meditating on a regular basis so I really want to bring this habit back to my daily routine. Meditation has always made me so much more grateful, so this will be the way how I want to achieve this goal.

Are you currently working on some habit changes as well? Let me know!


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